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Arm Lift

*See disclaimer

*See disclaimer

My flapping arms are letting me down, it’s time for them to go

There’s no better feeling than losing weight that you thought you’d never be able to get rid of. The relief, pride, and happiness is just overwhelming!

Unfortunately, massive weight loss can have unwanted side effects. Side effects like large amounts of hanging, loose skin in certain areas of your body. For some of us, that’s our upper arms.

If, when putting your arm out to the side you have a large amount of hanging, loose skin in the upper arm, and even excess skin around the armpit extending downwards, then you may be a candidate for an arm lift surgery or arm tuck surgery.

Slim the arms and get rid of excess skin with our signature arm lift and liposuction on arms.

What sets Specialist Cosmetic Surgery apart?

We know that it can be difficult to choose between cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Beldholm is especially passionate about helping women who’ve undergone massive weight loss to get their bodies into the smoother, smaller, fitter shape that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. He takes the time to approach each client with care and understanding for a tailored surgical approach.

What else can you expect with Specialist Cosmetic Surgery?

  • A tailored procedure with excess skin removal and arm liposuction as necessary
  • Overnight hospital stay
  • You can expect to be back at work around 10 to 14 days after your surgery
  • You can expect to lift heavy items again in around 4 weeks
  • Our inclusive pricing package includes all consultations, surgery and hospital fees, and LED light therapy sessions after surgery for faster healing times
  • Our 24/7 phone line is always available for clients with any concerns following their surgery

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. The photos shown have not been altered, other than removing identifiable marks such as tattoos and birthmarks at the request of the patient. If any such alteration has been done than it has been done equally on both before and after photos and there is a notation under the photo stating what alteration has been done.