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Full Face and Neck Lift After Weight Loss by Specialist Cosmetic Surgery

Health funds do not cover this operation and there is no item number for it. We have created a comprehensive package for you that is all inclusive.

Our all inclusive price: $17490

What is included in this price?

  • Pre and post of care by our nurses and Dr Beldholm. Once you have had your initial consultation with Dr Beldholm then all subsequent visits are free of charge
  • 2 surgical garments to use after your surgery
  • Operation takes around 4 hours, if it goes longer you do not pay more.
  • Overnight stay in hospital
  • Hospital charges
  • Anaesthetist charges
  • Surgeons fees
  • 6 LED light treatments with (Healite II LED) this helps any bruising or swelling after your procedure to get you back to your normal activities sooner.
  • Access to 24/7 emergency number after your procedure if you have any concerns.
  • Our diamond service commitment

“I’ve gone from ‘too big looking’ to ‘too old looking’!”

While you’re quite sure that the major hurdles to getting your health together are over – you’ve managed to lose a huge amount of weight, and you might have even undergone some plastic surgery after weight loss already, such as a tummy tuck – there’s still a few areas that just don’t look right.

Who would’ve thought when you started losing weight that you’d end up with old person facial features!? But since the loss of volume in your face and neck, you’ve now got what could only be described as loose skin there. Loose skin where your fat once was – and it hasn’t bounced into place like you might have anticipated.

Face and neck lifts aren’t just for people over 60 – they’re for people like you, too. People that want a solution to how to tighten skin after losing weight.

 *See disclaimer

Fixing Sagging Skin After Weight Loss with a Face Lift

Losing a large amount of weight can have a significant effect on your face. There may be widespread loss of volume, which may be more pronounced under the eyes, in the cheeks, and around the jowls – which can all leave you looking prematurely aged.

While in some cases fillers can address this volume loss, they are also not a permanent solution. A face lift can tighten the skin in your face, bringing you back to the real age that you are.

Whether it’s a full facelift, a mini facelift, or a mid facelift, Dr. Beldholm will be able to talk you through what is best for your exact situation.

The Neck Lift for Skin Tightening After Weight Loss

Not only can you lose volume in the face resulting in loose skin after shedding your old body, this can also happen in your neck too. You might have noticed there’s a lot of excess skin in the area, and it looks about 20 years older than others your age. If you want to know how to fix saggy skin in the neck region, then the neck lift is it.  

What We Offer

Due to the nature of the surgery, you will be required to undergo the procedure in a hospital setting. While this is the best place to be, there are costs associated with a hospital stay such as Dr. Beldholm’s surgical fee, the charge for an anesthetist, the room, and medicines. Check with your insurance provider to see if they provide any level of cover for these incidentals.  

We do also offer payment plans if you are concerned about covering the costs of the procedure up front.

The Surgery & Recovery

Depending on whether you get a combination of a neck and face lift, or choose to undergo one or the other will determine how long the surgery takes. For just one procedure, you can expect it to take around 4 hours. You will be placed under general anesthetic during the procedure, while Dr. Beldholm carefully uses lipo to remove any stubborn fat deposits, and then trims sagging skin, before pulling it up to smoothen out the skin, restoring youth.

Recovery for both procedures involves a 2 week period where you will need to rest at home, while making sure that you aren’t trying to do too much. Having helpers about will make this a lot easier! You’ll be very swollen and have bruising, which will subside a lot over this time. You are generally okay to return to work after this two weeks is up. Full recovery is expected in around 6 to 8 weeks.

Need to know more?

If you’re wondering whether you’re a candidate for a face or neck lift, why not book in for a consult? We can determine the best course of action for your circumstances, and get you on track to looking and feeling awesome. So call us at (02) 4934 5700 or use our online booking service to book a consultation with Dr. Beldholm!

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. The photos shown have not been altered, other than removing identifiable marks such as tattoos and birthmarks at the request of the patient. If any such alteration has been done than it has been done equally on both before and after photos and there is a notation under the photo stating what alteration has been done.