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Gynaecomastia Surgery Before And After

(Individual results may vary. See our disclaimer)*

Gynaecomastia surgery effectively corrects enlarged or overdeveloped breasts in men, giving them back the confidence they deserve. During surgery, Dr. Bernard Beldholm carefully removes excess skin, whilst using liposuction to get rid of extra fatty tissue. Following this life-changing procedure, patients are left with a flatter, more sculpted chest. This gallery contains stunning before and after images of male breast reduction surgery. Following the procedure, most men feel a dramatic improvement in their self-esteem, and find that they no longer need to hide behind their baggy shirts.

Ian's struggle with gynaecomastia for 30 years (case 3027) - Case study available

(Individual results may vary. *see our disclaimer)

Patient 3027 Gynaecomastia Surgery Before and After

Ian had suffered from gynaecomastia (man boobs) for his entire adult life. Now in his mid-forties he had finally had enough. Check out his story.*

Patient 3058: High definition VASER liposculpture on the chest and excision of breast gland tissue

(Individual results may vary. See our disclaimer)*

This man had high definition VASER liposculpture of his chest and gland excision. You may be wondering what the difference is between standard liposuction and gland removal and the high definition gland removal. My standard approach for all my man boob operations is to include liposuction. Liposuction will give you definition and a great result. However it will not give you a “chiseled” look.

The high definition approach takes around 1 hour extra to do and requires special VASER instruments. Initially, the fat is removed using the same approach as for the standard operation. Once this is done, the VASER probe is used to score the skin on the inside in the areas that require definition.*

Patient 3054 Struggling with man boobs for 10 long years

(Individual results may vary. See our disclaimer)*

Cases of man boobs or gynaecomastia aren’t that uncommon. This man struggled with his man boobs for a decade. He used to be a rower and his active lifestyle made him quite skinny during his younger years.

As he got older he started to put on weight and his gynaecomastia got worse. He struggled getting the weight off but found that it did not really help. He also tried to bulk up his pec muscle but this just made things worse. He got a job in the USA and wanted to get this fixed by a specialist surgeon in Australia.

The operation was done in our sedation clinic. VASER liposuction was done to remove fat around the chest area and he than had an incision done under the areola to remove the gland.

He had a great recover and left for New York a very happy man!*

Patient 3059 Gynaecomastia Surgery Before And After

(Individual results may vary. See our disclaimer)*

Case Study to follow*

Patient 3060 Gynaecomastia Surgery Before And After

(Individual results may vary. See our disclaimer)*

Note: tattoo blurred out on the left arm for privacy

Case Study to follow*

Patient 3061: Small gland gynaecomastia case done under local and sedation in our broadmeadow day procedure facility

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I see quite a few men that are quite well built but have Gynaecomastia. You can see that this guy only has a small puffy gland. However, he was quite concerned about this and even though he was happy with his general physique, he never took his shirt off because the nipple and areola stood out. He had a grape sized gland. We did the operation in our day procedure clinic in Broadmeadow. Even though the result is quite subtle he was extremely happy. He was able to take his shirt off without being embarrassed.*

Patient 3062: Revision of gynaecomastia operation done by another plastic surgeon

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This gentleman had a gynaecomastia operation done by another surgeon. It was done about one year prior to seeing me, he had had gynaecomastia as a teenager and wanted this fixed. The other issue he had was large areola which made him feel he looked like a female. As can be seen on the before photos, the results after having the operation was not ideal and he was not happy. Revision surgery can be quite difficult and unpredictable. We did further liposuction on him. I removed further gland tissue and I also did a reduction of his areola. He was extremely happy with this result.*

Patient 3063: Small gland gynaecomastia case for a bodybuilder that has taken bodybuilding steroids done under local and sedation in our broadmeadow day procedure facility

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This gentleman had small gynaecomastia. He works out a lot and has at one stage tried anabolic steroid, which caused his gland to grow. He tried reversing agents and other “tricks of the trade”, however, he was unsuccessful in trying to get rid of his man boobs. We did a small operation for him in our day procedure clinic in Broadmeadow, NSW. Again even though to most people the difference is small, he was extremely happy with the results.*

Patient 3055: Puffy nipples after taking testosterone boosters

(Individual results may vary. See our disclaimer)*

Note that tattoo blurred out on the left side for privacy.

Patients who have low levels of hormone are advised to undergo Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It’s one of the most common treatment in hypogonadal men.

But for people without a clinical condition, taking testosterone is not recommended because it is closely associated with fertility issues and could lead to gynaecomastia.

Brian (name changed for privacy) , one of our patients, suffered Gynaecomastia after he took Testosterone boosters last year. He knew that there was a possibility to develop enlarged breasts after taking steroids, to counter that effect, he took anti-estrogen to balance it out.

Despite Brian’s effort, he still had puffiness in his chest area which led him to book a consultation to see Dr. Beldholm for help. He stated that he wanted to have a flatter nipple area and without any puffiness.

Brian’s operation took place in a private hospital and he was under general anaesthesia. 12g of gland tissue from each side of his chest were removed through an incision under his areolas.

Once fully recovered, Brian didn’t only reach his expectations but he was also more confident to take his shirt off without feeling embarrassed. He was very happy with his results!

Case Study to follow*

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. The photos shown have not been altered, other than removing identifiable marks such as tattoos and birthmarks at the request of the patient. If any such alteration has been done than it has been done equally on both before and after photos and there is a notation under the photo stating what alteration has been done.attis, pulvinar dapibus leo.