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Inner Thigh Lift

Yes, I am sick of my granny thighs!

The weight’s come off, you’re feeling on top of the world, and now you just need your thighs to match the new you!

Massive weight loss can cause some unexpected effects, the most noticeable being loose, hanging skin in annoying spots – which is why you’re considering inner thigh lift surgery to tighten up in the area.

Our signature thigh lift procedure is tailored directly to your body – which may mean a combination of inner thigh liposuction and trimming of loose or excess skin.

Get the body that you’re dreaming of.

Thigh lift surgery with Dr. Beldholm and Specialist Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Beldholm has been helping women to achieve the bodies they’ve always dreamed of for over ten years. His experience and ongoing pursuit of knowledge with surgeries after weight loss means that he makes an excellent choice for thigh lift procedures. The team at Specialist Cosmetic Surgery will make sure that you receive excellent care and information throughout the course of your surgical journey.

What can you expect when you undergo an inner thigh lift at Specialist Cosmetic Surgery?

  • Excellent and understanding care from our team
  • Both skin removal and liposuction as needed on the inner thighs
  • A one to two hour procedure
  • Most patients can go home on the day of the surgery however if you prefer you can stay overnight in hospital
  • Low risk of complications from your surgery
  • Back to work at around 10 to 14 days following the surgery
  • Our inclusive pricing which covers all consultations, surgical and hospital fees, and LED light therapy following your procedure for faster healing
  • Our 24 hour hotline for any of your concerns after surgery

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. The photos shown have not been altered, other than removing identifiable marks such as tattoos and birthmarks at the request of the patient. If any such alteration has been done than it has been done equally on both before and after photos and there is a notation under the photo stating what alteration has been done.