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liposuction before and after

(*note that individual results vary, see our disclaimer)

VASER Liposculpture is one of the latest techniques available to provide you with a smooth result. The benefit of liposuction over non-invasive methods is its ability to remove significantly more fat and also sculpt an area. Hi definition VASER liposculpture can sculpt the body in ways that has not been possible in the past such as sculpting a 6 pack or the pec areas.

We have a dedicated liposuction Day Procedure Clinic in Broadmeadow Newcastle, with specially trained nurses to give you the best possible experience in a private setting. The added benefit is that we can provide tailored packages, prices from $1990 depending on the area.

The following before and afters show what is possible with modern VASER liposuction equipment.

VASER liposuction Before and after images with case studies

VASER liposculpture to Saddle bags (fat on the side of the hips) ; Case 3167 (case study available)

(*note that individual results vary, see our disclaimer)

Laura was very unhappy with her saddle bags (the side of the hips), she had been thinking about having something done for many years. Check out her story here*

We are working hard to create more case studies and before and after photos*

*Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from patient to patient. The photos shown have not been altered, other than removing identifiable marks such as tattoos and birthmarks at the request of the patient. If any such alteration has been done than it has been done equally on both before and after photos and there is a notation under the photo stating what alteration has been done.