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Arm Lift Before And After

Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, reduces excess sagging skin, while tightening and smoothing the underlying tissue of the upper arm. Patients who’ve lost a lot of weight can benefit greatly from this surgery. In this gallery, you’ll find amazing before and after images of arm lift surgery. Following this procedure, the results are apparent almost immediately. Most patients’ upper arms will be smoother and the contour noticeably improved. Best of all, the results are long lasting.

Patient 3161 Arm Lift Before And After

(Individual results vary. See disclaimer)*

  • Liposuction based Brachioplasty (arm lift)
  • 44 years old
  • Worried about her arms for a long time
  • She never wore sleeveless tops and she never went to the beach or went swimming because she was embarrassed by her arms. She worked in a kitchen and would love to be able to wear sleeveless tops.
  • She had a liposuction based arm lift performed in Maitland Private Hospital. She had close to 1.5 kg of tissue removed from her arms*

Patient 3165 Arm Lift Before And After

(Individual results vary. See disclaimer)*

  • Liposuction based Arm Lift
  • Removed 1200 ml of fat from the left arm and 1300 ml of fat from the right
  • 33 years old and had lost a lot of weight in the last few years.  She had lost 30 kg through diet and exercise
  • She had noticed however, that the more weight she lost, the saggier her arms became
  • She was starting to feel really self conscious about this aspect of her body
  • She was aware that there was a long incision needed for an arm lift
  • However, she was happy to trade a scar for slimmer and tighter arms*

Patient 3164 Arm Lift Before And After

(Individual results vary. See disclaimer)*

  • Liposuction based Arm lift
  • Rose was 60 years old, and had had a facelift performed by Dr Beldholm one year prior
  • She now wanted to have an arm lift as well
  • She was happy to have a longer incision, as long as her arms were a lot tighter*

Patient 3163 Arm Lift Before And After

(Individual results vary. See disclaimer)*

  • Liposuction based brachioplasty (arm lift)
  • Removed 450 ml of fat from the left arm and 350 ml of fat from the right.
  • 22 years old
  • Significantly overweight in her teenage years. She  made a decision that she would lose the weight when she was around 15 or 16 years old. She struggled significantly with her weight loss, and after seeing her GP she was given a prescription for one of the available weight loss medications. She used this for three months and was able to lose 15 kg during that time.
  • She was then able to continue her weight loss after stopping the medication. She added an exercise regimen as well as a healthy eating plan. Over the next few years she was able to lose another 50 kg. She was now 73 kg, and her weight has been stable for two years. She had been unable to lose any more weight. But she was very happy with her current weight.*

Patient 3162 Arm Lift Before And After

(Individual results vary. See disclaimer)*

  • Liposuction based arm lift in Newcastle
  • 36 years old and had been through a lot in her life. When she was 25 years old her weight was 136 kg. As a young child she had always been a bit big, but as she got older she started to eat more and more junk food, and at 136 kg she was not happy.Over the course of the next ten years she turned her life around. She began eating healthy food and exercising. At 35 years old she was down to 76 kg. However, the weight had taken its toll on her body. She now had loose skin hanging down her arms, causing her discomfort.*

Patient 3159 Arm Lift Before And After

(Individual results vary. See disclaimer)*

  • Liposuction based brachioplasty
  • 53 years old
  • Had been thinking about having something done for her arms for a long time. She had always had large arms, but she noticed that with the combination of ageing and weight loss that the skin on her arms started hanging and causing her a lot of discomfort.
  • She initially came to see Dr Beldholm for liposuction and a short scar arm lift. However, during the consultation Dr Beldholm noted that the excess skin and fat was substantial, and to get a good result she really needed a long incision.
  • Dr Beldholm removed 800 ml of fat from the right arm and 700 ml from the left. He also removed 137 grams of skin from the right arm and 91 gram from the left.*


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