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Blepharoplasty Before And After

Upper eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, improves the appearance of the eyelids. This procedure is perfect for patients suffering from vision loss due to droopy eyelids, or for individuals who wish to erase the signs of ageing, by eliminating excess wrinkles and extra skin around the eyes. This life-changing procedure restores the natural contour of the upper eyelids, whilst eliminating wrinkles, loose skin, as well as puffiness of the eyes. In this gallery, you’ll find amazing blepharoplasty before and after images. Removing excess tissue, during upper eyelid surgery, often improves vision, as well as makes a patient’s eyes appear not only younger, but more alert.

Patient 3008: Upper eyelid surgery to help improve vision and appearance

Patient 3008 Blepharoplasty

Tess, who was 68-years old, was suffering from drooping eyelids.

Not only does she report feeling more confident in her appearance, but she also says her vision has been greatly improved.*

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Patient 3020: Upper blepharoplasty to improve vision for a 71 year old woman

Patient 3020 Blepharoplasty

Anna came to us at age 71, she was beginning to have trouble seeing. But you might be surprised to hear that it wasn’t her vision, it was her eyelids.*

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Patient 3037: Heavy lids make her look and feel tired all the time

Patient 3037 Blepharoplasty

Helena was 55 years old and had an issue with her upper eyelids that had been present for many years. The upper eyelid skin was lying on her eyelashes and she her peripheral vision was affected as well.*

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Patient 3022: Rejuvenating the eyes with upper eyelid surgery

Patient 3022 Blepharoplasty

Marcy’s eyelids had been subjected to the effects of time and had begun to fall and sag. The drooping was predominantly occurring on the right side and in addition to causing Marcy insecurity in her appearance, the sagging also had other adverse side effects like sore eyes and restricted field of sight.

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Patient 3048: Upper eyelid surgery to relieve heavy eyelids that were sitting on the eyelashes

Patient 3048 Blepharoplasty

Vicky had been thinking about having a facelift for some time. She had been having dermal therapy and injectable treatments for quite a while. She had initially consulted Dr Beldholm two years prior to having her facelift surgery, but she was not ready to go ahead at that stage.

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Patient 3053: Upper blepharoplasty for loose upper eyelid skin

Patient 3053 Blepharoplasty

Aging results in a lot of physical changes. For Yvonne, the most prominent and troublesome change she’s experienced so far was her loose upper eyelids.

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Patient 3065: Blepharoplasty helped Milly who was unable to put on mascara due to the loose skin on her upper eyelids

Patient 3065 Blepharoplasty

Milly was 52 years old, and had been thinking about having something done about her upper eyelids for some years.

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