Breast augmentation and lift

Accentuating your feminine curves and enhancing the shape, size, and symmetry of your breasts can help to revitalise your self-image.

Breasts can lose their natural fullness and begin to sag due to aging, weight loss or breastfeeding; and some women are simply unhappy with the size, shape, symmetry, or position of their breasts.

Breast augmentation with lift can enhance or restore the natural beauty of your breasts, improving size and restoring fullness and projection. This not only enables you to wear the clothes you want but may also result in renewed confidence in your appearance.

Breast augmentation and lift is one of the most commonly-requested cosmetic procedures and breast implant technology has advanced significantly in recent years.

The breast implants and surgical techniques used by Dr. Beldholm are well proven, and he is entirely focused on the best end result with the quickest recovery possible.

“A breast augmentation and lift is effectively two procedures in a single operation. Patients are able to, not only, increase the size of their breasts, but also improve the overall shape and position. The high satisfaction rates with this procedure are due to the industry-leading techniques we use that minimise scarring and produce more predictable results.”

Dr. Bernard Beldholm, Principal Surgeon

How effective is breast augmentation and lift?

A combined breast augmentation and lift operation is surgically challenging. Consequently, only a limited number of cosmetic surgeons perform this procedure.

Dr. Beldholm has performed scores of successful breast augmentation and lift operations. His extensive personal consultation with his patients, optimises the chances of an effective outcome in line with expectations.

You can usually expect the following results from breast lift surgery:

  • Enhanced fullness to the breasts.
  • Enhanced breast projection.
  • Enhanced symmetry to breasts.
  • Minimal scarring compared to traditional methods.
  • Quicker recovery times after the operation.

Is breast augmentation & lift right for you?

The implants and surgical techniques used in a breast augmentation and lift are well proven and your experienced surgeon will be focused on the best possible end result.

Breast augmentation and lift can benefit you if your breasts have sagged or become smaller following childbirth or massive weight loss; you have experienced loss of breast volume due to aging and desire larger and more shapely breasts; if you have pendulous or tubular-shaped breasts and desire better breast projection; or if you have asymmetric breasts that require balancing.

Amazing breasts aren’t just about how big your cup size is. More often than not, the shape and proportion matters too. Although many women are aware of breast augmentation procedures, there’s less awareness out there of what a mastopexy can do for your body.

Women who have just recovered post-pregnancy are often wondering if they could get away with just an implant, but as Dr. Beldholm says, “Implant only operation is much more straightforward, much quicker, requires less cutting, and results in less scars. When you come in for a consultation, I will assess you, as to whether you will need a lift as well, based on my years of experience.”

Implants alone can result in loose tissue hanging over the implant, which is called snoopy dog deformity and that’s never a good look for anyone. When Dr. Beldholm recommends a lift along with your breast implant procedure, this is to keep that from happening and to produce better results.

A commonly recommended way to test out if you need a breast lift or not is to get a pen, put it under the breast fold and see where the pen is in relation to the nipple. If the nipple sits below the pen, you’ll need a lift. If it’s above the pen, you won’t need a lift. If it sits on the pen, then it’s borderline.

Benefit of adding a lift to a breast augmentation

Post pregnancy the breasts tend to lose volume in the upper part. They become saggy and empty. Breast augmentation is necessary to replace the volume lost, however may not be enough to get a good cosmetic result. Breast augmentation requires the insertion of an implant to give fullness to the breast. While it does provide patients with some lift, it is a limited one.

The bigger the volume of the implant, the bigger the lift will be. However, most women that Dr Beldholm sees post pregnancy do not want massive breasts, they want to be in proportion with their body and have a natural result, restoring their breasts to a pre-pregnancy shape and perkiness.

This means that a breast implant alone in many cases will not provide a good cosmetic result.

A lift, also referred to as a mastopexy, is the removal of saggy breast tissue and the lifting of the nipple to a higher position, making the breasts perky and firmer.

How a breast augmentation and lift improves the shape of your breasts

The key to a beautiful breast is shape and fullness. It is also important to have even breasts with the nipple in the correct position. A breast augmentation with a mastopexy can accomplish all these goals in one operation.

The biggest drawback to the lift is the scarring.  This will be around the nipple and vertically down the breast and in the breast fold. This scar fades over time and generally by 12 months it is a fine line.

The operation can be performed in one stage or two stages. The majority of women who consult Dr Beldholm prefer to have the surgery performed in one stage, as they will get the final result quicker and do not have to have two separate operations.

3D-Imaging for selecting the perfect implants

As a patient of Dr. Beldholm you will have the opportunity to assess the appearance of different implants with a state-of-the-art visualising tool. This helps you choose the perfect implants to match your desired outcome.

Our 3D-imaging program utilises your exact body measurements to accurately pre-visualise how your implants will appear.

All patients of Specialist Cosmetic Surgery use polyurethane implants, with a textured foam coating around the silicone. These surgical implants have been proven by industry research to be the world’s safest and most effective.

The surgery

Breast augmentation and lift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic in an accredited private hospital, to ensure the highest level of care and comfort is provided for you.

Your private consultation with Dr. Beldholm provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your expectations and to make an informed decision about your procedure in a relaxed setting.

Your reasons for considering surgery, as well as your overall condition and suitability for the procedure will be assessed, and a personal treatment plan will be tailored to meet your expectations.

This will cover all the necessary pre-surgery and postoperative information that you will need to prepare for, and recover from, your procedure.

Postoperative care and recovery

You are generally able to return home on the same day as your operation, after a post-op assessment by Dr. Beldholm.

The advanced surgical techniques used mean that you should be able to return to non-manual work within a week of your surgery. Manual work and physical exercise will take a while longer.

A specially-fitted surgical garment will be provided for you to wear for four weeks following your surgery and dressings will be in place for 7-10 days; stitches inserted during surgery will dissolve over time.

Temporary numbness under the breasts may be experienced for 6-12 months, due to sensory nerves being impacted, and it usually takes up to a year for a full demonstration of the final result. Scars and stretch marks will fade to become almost imperceptible.

Exercise and activity following surgery

Keep physical activity to a minimum for a week or two following surgery, with only light activities such as gentle walking or light home duties: no vacuuming, hanging clothes on the line, or bending to pick things up.

Try not to elevate your arms higher than shoulder level and avoid heavy lifting or pushing/pulling for four weeks. At your follow-up appointment, Dr. Beldholm will advise you how to gradually reintroduce heavier exercise.

Sexual arousal after surgery can cause the nipple incision to swell, so it’s best to avoid sexual activity for at least a week. Only gentle contact with your breasts is advised for six weeks.

Pain and healing

The bandages are removed 7-10 days after breast augmentation and lift surgery, though patients continue wearing the supportive surgical bra around the clock for several weeks until the swelling and bruising subside.

Following surgery, patients feel some pain for the first couple of days, especially when moving around or coughing. Although most patients are up and about in a day or two, it’s common for breasts to ache occasionally and/or for lower rib pain to be present for a couple of weeks afterwards.

It is also common for a ‘squeaky’ or ‘cracking’ noise to be present after surgery, as air may be trapped in the breast tissue when the implant is inserted. This will gradually fade in the initial few weeks.

Full recovery will take up to one month.

Because the postoperative swelling is pulled down by gravity, your abdomen may look a little swollen or bruised. Swelling may also cause some loss of feeling in the nipples and breast skin, but this generally fades over six weeks or so.


Your first menstruation after the operation may cause swollen and painful breasts or random, shooting pains, as the nerves recover and your breasts settle.

Return to work

Most patients can return to non-manual work and normal social activities in around one week. Patients whose work requires strong physical activity should plan for 3-4 weeks of recovery time.

Wearing a bra

After four weeks of wearing your compression garment, you may commence wearing an underwire bra.


As you are still in the recovery phase of the operation when discharged, it’s important to arrange in advance for someone to drive you home and assist you following your operation. Most patients start driving approximately one to two weeks after surgery, though this will depend on your own recovery rate.

Is breast augmentation and lift safe?

This surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and it should be considered a major operation; but our patients rarely report serious problems.

No surgery is completely without risk but, having performed hundreds of breast augmentations and breast lifts over the past decade, minimising these risks is an important characteristic of the care that Dr. Beldholm and his team provide.

The breast lift stage of the procedure is more complex than the augmentation. The most common complication is wound infection which is usually superficial and can be treated by oral antibiotics. This occurs in fewer than 5% of cases.

Extensive research on polyurethane implants shows that they are very safe to use.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. All surgery carries risks and you should seek a second opinion before proceeding.