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Breast Reduction

Being able to wear the clothes you want, move freely and comfortably, and to feel confident in your appearance can be difficult with oversize breasts.

Breast reduction surgery can help reduce the burden of excessively large breasts that feel heavy and hamper movement, and can relieve associated pain in the neck and shoulder, as well as skin irritations.

Reduce discomfort and improve breast shape

Breast reduction surgery will not only reduce the size of your breasts and relieve pressure on the upper body; a skilled cosmetic surgeon will enhance the natural shape and contours of your breasts at the same time.

This can create a more shapely and balanced profile that brings relief if you have felt restricted or self-conscious by the size of your breasts.

As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Beldholm possess the surgical expertise and finesse to resculpt your breasts with natural symmetry and balance. he combines this with fastidious concern for best practices and complete patient comfort and satisfaction.

“While breast augmentation is a more commonly-requested procedure, the sense of relief in women who have undergone breast reduction surgery clearly makes a real lasting difference to their lives.”

– Dr. Bernard Beldholm, Principal Surgeon

Dr. Beldholm uses surgical techniques that minimise scarring and produce more predictable results.

Before your personalised treatment plan can be designed, your unique physique, physical condition, and expectations need to be discussed in detail and assessed by Dr. Beldholm.


Women who undergo breast reduction surgery can achieve natural-looking results with an immediate easing of the discomforts associated with oversize breasts.

The experience of Dr. Beldholm in performing thousands of breast resizing and reshaping procedures over the past decade brings the peace of mind of knowing that the surgical techniques are well proven.

Why have breast reduction surgery with us?

  • Minimised pain and discomfort – the expertise and care of our surgeons ensures any pain or discomfort is kept to a minimum.
  • Well-concealed scarring – scarring is usually hidden under the folds of the breasts and fades to become almost imperceptible.
  • Quick recovery times – you can usually return to non-manual work in two weeks.
  • Immediate results – you can expect your breast reduction to provide immediate relief from the discomforts associated with the excessive weight.

Is a breast reduction right for you?

If you have fully-developed oversize breasts that are causing you discomfort, pain in the back, neck and shoulder areas, skin irritations, or infections beneath the breasts, breast reduction surgery can ease your condition.

Breasts that are inadequately supported by a small frame or that are heavy, pendulous, and asymmetric, with nipples pointed downward, can be reshaped and reduced in size during the procedure, providing immediate relief from discomfort and a more balanced appearance.

Breast reduction surgery may help you feel less self-conscious about your breasts, allow you to do more physical activity, and to wear the clothes you desire.

What type of breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery may take a number of forms depending on your condition:

  • Liposculpture alone may be adequate for younger patients (18-35 years old) with breasts of predominantly fatty composition and with greater skin elasticity than older women.
  • ‘Short scar’ breast reduction is a highly-evolved technique favoured by our surgeons. It improves the shape of the breast while minimising scarring and is the least-invasive procedure, resulting in faster rehabilitation and a longer-lasting final result.
  • Inverted T ‘wise pattern’ breast reduction is a more traditional breast reduction technique that is particularly effective for women with exceptionally large breasts, especially those aged 50 to 70.

Your surgery

Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic in an accredited private hospital, where your care and comfort is the priority.

Liposuction-only procedures may be performed under local anaesthetic and sedation at our day hospital in Newcastle.

Your private consultation with Dr. Beldholm provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your expectations and to make an informed decision about your procedure in a relaxed setting.

Your reasons for considering surgery, as well as your overall condition and suitability for the procedure will be assessed, and a personal treatment plan will be tailored to meet your expectations.

This will cover all the necessary pre-surgery and postoperative information that you will need to prepare for, and recover from, your procedure.



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