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Breast reduction cost, your guide to prices for breast reduction surgery

What does a breast reduction cost?

This is one of the most common questions that patients have about breast reduction surgery. The costs can vary quite significantly depending on whether you have private health insurance or not, and if the procedure is covered by your policy.

What does a breast reduction cost in australia?

There are a number of costs involved in  breast reduction surgery. Some surgeons quote a total all inclusive price and others quote only the surgical fee,  you then need to add the other costs yourself. The time it takes to perform breast reduction surgery varies depending on how large the reduction is and if additional liposuction is done as part of the operation. The operation on average take  4 to 5 hours to perform and it is advised to stay overnight in hospital.

The cost involved are;

  • Hospital charges  from $1200  per hour
  • Hospital overnight stay fee around $800
  • Anaesthetist charges from $660 per hour
  • Surgeons fees $6000 to $15000
  • Additional charges for garments may be charged by the plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon

Dr Beldholm’s breast reduction cost

Dr Beldholm’s surgical fee for breast reduction

Breast Reduction:- $8,490.00
Additional Option:- Liposculpture of the lateral chest $2,990.00

For a more refined result it is recommended to have additional liposculpture of the lateral breast rolls to sculpt this area.

The latest VASER liposculpture technique is used.
Surgical Fee includes
Surgical fee for Dr Beldholm
Compression garments (2)
All Post operative appointments
Day 1 and 10 -approximately
1,3,6 and 12 months
LED light treatments (6) within the first two weeks following your procedure.

See disclaimer*

Private Hospital charges for breast reduction surgery

The hospital that you have selected will invoice you separately. The private hospital charges around $1200 per operating hour and an overnight fee. So if you are having a breast reduction (also referred to as a reduction mammoplasty) you will be looking at a charge of around $5600. If you have a health fund and the health fund covers covers the item number then you will not need to pay the hospital charges.

Anaesthetist fees for breast reduction surgery

Your anaesthetist will invoice you separately. Anaesthetic charges are around 660 per hour. The anaesthetist will normally add an extra 30 min to the estimated operation time to take into account the time that they spend with you before and after the operation. So a 4 hour Breast reduction will be charged at around $2970. If you have a health fund that covers this procedure  you will receive a rebate from your fund.

Breast reduction MBS Item number and Private health fund cover.

The item number for this operation is 45520.

The description of this item number is;

“REDUCTION MAMMAPLASTY (unilateral) with surgical repositioning of nipple”

If you have private health insurance then you will be able to claim some money back for the operation. It is important that you check what cover you do have as not all health insurance covers are the same. Some health funds do not cover Private hospital, others have specific exclusions of certain item numbers.

It is important that you have  a GP referral that states that you are having significant physical health issues from your large breasts such as rashes under the breast fold, back ache, bra strap pain. The MBS does not specify a weight that needs to be removed from the breast to be eligible for the item number, however each health fund has different rules when it comes to this. In our experience you need to have at least 300 grams of breast tissue removed to be considered a breast reduction by the health funds. Breast lifts are generally not covered by private health funds.

What is covered by the Private health fund?

If you have private health cover that includes this procedure then  you will be covered by them for  the hospital  charges including any overnight stay.

You will also receive a  rebate  for part of  the surgeons fee and the anaesthetist fee.

Every health fund is different.

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