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Ear surgery can bring the gift of symmetrical, well-shaped and well-proportioned ears to both children and adults.

These are features that most people take for granted, but if your ears are out of proportion or deformed they can become prominent, and this can harm confidence and quality of life.

Restore shape, balance and proportion to your ears

If you or your child are suffering from an ear deformity such as Stahl’s, Telephone, Shell, Lop, or Cupped ear it can be relatively easily corrected by otoplasty surgery, which restores a normal shape and proportion to the ear, especially reducing the prominence of larger ears.

Often the condition is present from birth and is associated with congenital conditions.

For a child growing up with these problems it can result in hearing impairment; but just as seriously it can harm his or her confidence in socialising and living a full life, due to damaged self-esteem.

Being able to help reverse this drives Dr. Beldholm on to perfect his surgical art. He possesses the expertise and finesse to resculpt the ears with natural-looking symmetry and balance, combining this with fastidious concern for best practices and complete patient comfort and satisfaction.

“It is so rewarding to see the immediate positive results of otoplasty surgery. In the follow-up appointments we meet children who are less self-conscious and more confident as a direct result of our work. And that fills us with pride.”

– Dr. Bernard Beldholm, Principal Surgeon

Before a personalised treatment plan can be designed, your unique physique, physical condition, and expectations need to be discussed in detail and assessed by our surgeons.


The natural results you or your child can expect with ear surgery are the result of surgical expertise combined with the latest techniques.

The surgical art of Dr. Beldholm has helped over a hundred people achieve more balance, proportion, and symmetry with their ears, raising self-confidence in their appearance.

Why have ear surgery with us?

  • Minimal pain and discomfort – the expertise and care of our surgeons ensures pain and discomfort is usually very mild.
  • Almost-imperceptible scarring – scarring is generally well hidden behind the ear and is usually almost imperceptible.
  • Quick recovery times – you can usually return to school or work in 1-2 weeks after surgery.
  • Permanent results – you can expect the results of your ear surgery to last for life.

Is otoplasty right for you or your child?

With oversized or deformed ears being such a prominent feature of the face it can be hard to accept for most people. Fortunately ear surgery is a commonly-performed surgical procedure with high satisfaction rates.

Most ear surgery is performed on children aged 7 to 14, when the cartilage in the ear is softer and more pliable, making surgery easier and less invasive. However, adults also regularly request these procedures.

For both children and adults, otoplasty will improve the appearance of the ears and restore balance and proportion to the facial area.

Your surgery

Otoplasty surgery on children is nearly always performed under general anaesthetic in an accredited private hospital; adults may choose to have the procedure with local anaesthetic and sedation in our day hospital in Newcastle.

Your private consultation with Dr. Beldholm provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your expectations and to make an informed decision about your procedure in a relaxed setting.

Your reasons for considering surgery, as well as your overall condition and suitability for the procedure will be assessed, and a personal treatment plan will be tailored to meet your expectations.

This will cover all the necessary pre-surgery and postoperative information that you will need to prepare for, and recover from, your procedure.



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