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Gynaecomastia surgery

I treat many men with gynaecomastia surgery and I have personally observed the positive impact that this surgery can have. Having breasts as a man is very embarrassing and can have life long impact on men. I have seen men that have quit university and even their jobs because of it. I have also seen men that have stopped dating and socialising because of it. Seeing the transformation after surgery in these men is amazing”

Dr Bernard Beldholm

man boobs surgery

Gynaecomastia is a not a trivial problem. It can have a major psychological impact on men, preventing them from enjoying life to the fullest. However, as a gynaecomastia surgeon my aim is not merely to remove the gland. Focusing on removing the gland only creates a poor cosmetic outcome, such as crater deformities, and who wants to swap one deformity for another?

My aim for each and every man that I see with gynaecomastia is to create a normal sculpted chest area. My focus is on getting a great cosmetic result. Liposuction assisted gland removal is therefore a must. I have also taken it one step further with the high definition Liposculpture technique that can create a 6-pack as well as a sculpted chest area.

Newcastle Gynaecomastia Center

VASER Liposculpture

“I’m here to help you get your shirt off! And be proud of your look”

Dr Bernard Beldholm

Benefits of having your Gynaecomastia (also referred to as man boobs) surgery with Dr Beldholm FRACS- a specialist surgeon that is focused on gynaecomastia surgery.

  • You are not alone! Dr Beldholm sees hundreds of men with gynaecomastia. It is a very common condition in men.
  • Boutique practice, we take care of you, and Dr Beldholm personally sees you throughout your recovery.
  • Dr Beldholm understands that it can be quite embarrassing to have gynaecomastia as a man, and therefore we do everything to keep your experience private. We have a private sedation clinic that we can do your operation in if you prefer.
  • Gland excision, as well as liposuction, at the same time for the best results.
  • Option of adding High Definition VASER liposculpture to your operation, to achieve a more chiseled appearance.
  • Tailored all inclusive packages

Gynaecomastia surgery cost

If you are done in our day procedure clinic under sedation and local anaesthetic than our all inclusive price is;

  • $4990 for standard gland removal including liposuction
  • $9900 for Hi-Definition VASER sculpting of the chest including gland removal

If you want to be done in the Private Hospital under a General anaesthetic than you will need to add the Hospital charges and anaesthetic charges.

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There are many options for your Gynaecomastia operation

Modern gynaecomastia techniques include liposuction to sculpt and refine, and to avoid a depression where the gland has been.

The operation can be done either under local anaesthetic and sedation in our clinic in Newcastle or it can be done under a general anaesthetic in either Maitland Private Hospital or Hunter Valley Private Hospital.

All our packages include standard liposuction as well as gland excision, which is essential to get a great result. You can also elect to add VASER high definition liposculpture to your operation to get a highly refined look.

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While women tend to get a bad rap for being overly critical or self-conscious of their bodies, it’s not uncommon for men to feel exactly the same way. Besides weight gain, unusually large breasts in men will definitely make any guy feel shy about their body.

There is actually a medical term for this condition. It’s called gynaecomastia and essentially it is a disorder that involves the overdevelopment of the male breast. The less technical term for this endocrine disorder is “man boobs”.

Gynaecomastia affects approximately one third of all Australian men, causing them to be extremely self-conscious about their appearance, especially in situations where they have to remove their shirt, like at the beach or the bedroom.

If you are a male living with this condition, know that you do have options. You don’t have to live with this disorder thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery. If you are considering surgery to remove excess breast tissue, you likely have lots of questions. Below we answer your most common ones.

Dr Beldholm FRACS, FACCS runs a boutique cosmetic surgery practice in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle area. He has been performing gynaecomastia surgery and VASER liposculpture for more than ten years. We have created this page as an extensive resource for you to find out what is possible with modern gynaecomastia surgeries and how we can help you.

Dr Beldholm is among a select few cosmetic surgeons in Australia performing the High definition liposculpture technique that takes the results from this operation to the next level.

There are a variety of techniques for the surgery itself, depending on the specifics of each case. Generally, the procedure can be either a liposuction, a gland removal, or a combination of the two.

Liposuction is best for candidates whose enlarged breasts are caused by fatty tissue build-up only. This procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. Dr Beldholm will work to create a plan that best suits you.

Gland removal combined with liposuction is the preferred approach for candidates who have gynecomastia caused by enlarged glandular tissue. The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthetic with sedation.

Each procedure is tailored to the patient, but incisions are typically made around the edge of the areola.

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