Gynaecomastia surgery before and after

Gynaecomastia surgery effectively corrects enlarged or overdeveloped breasts in men, giving them back the confidence they deserve. During surgery, Dr. Bernard Beldholm carefully removes excess skin, whilst using liposuction to get rid of extra fatty tissue. Following this life-changing procedure, patients are left with a flatter, more sculpted chest. This gallery contains stunning before and after images of male breast reduction surgery. Following the procedure, most men feel a dramatic improvement in their self-esteem, and find that they no longer need to hide behind their baggy shirts.

Patient 3027: Ian's struggle with gynaecomastia for 30 years

Patient 3027 Gynaecomastia

Ian had suffered from gynaecomastia for his entire adult life. Now in his mid-forties, he had finally had enough and wanted to have something done about the problem.*

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Patient 3058: High definition VASER liposculpture on the chest and excision of breast gland tissue

Patient 3058 Gynaecomastia

Tom was a 31 year old man who had been working out and had dabbled in steroids at the gym. He had taken the steroids many years ago and had developed gynaecomastia. Even after he stopped taking the steroids, the breast gland persisted.

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Patient 3054: Struggling with man boobs for 10 long years

Patient 3054 Gynaecomastia

Tim had gynaecomastia (also referred to as Man boobs) ever since he was a teenager. It had not been too bad, and he had been able to hide it with his T-shirts. As he got older he started to put on weight and his gynaecomastia got worse. He struggled getting the weight off, but found that it did not really help. He also tried to bulk up his pec muscles, but this just made things worse. *

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Patient 3056: Ignoring his gynaecomastia and hoping it would go away but finally getting the breast gland removed

Patient 3056 Gynaecomastia

Tom was 23 years old. However, he had had gynaecomastia as long back as he could remember. He had always hoped that it would go away, but unfortunately it persisted even after his teenage years. *

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Patient 3059: Gynaecomastia surgery before and after

Patient 3059 Gynaecomastia

Adam was 15 years old when he noticed that he had abnormal looking breasts. As a teenager this was quite devastating and he was very embarrassed. His parents took him to their family GP, and were told that most likely this would settle on its own once he got older. Unfortunately it never settled.*

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Patient 3060: Gynaecomastia surgery before and after

Patient 3060 Gynaecomastia

Alex was now 23 years old. He initially developed gynaecomastia when he was 14 years old. The size of the breast gland tissue was minimal, and he was told by his family GP that it would settle on its own. He had used anabolic steroids in the past, but had noticed that this did not actually change the size of his gynaecomastia.*

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Patient 3061: Competitive bodybuilder with gynaecomastia, which becomes more obvious before competitions

Patient 3061 Gynaecomastia

Stan is 20 years old, and has been competing in bodybuilding competitions for some time. A common reason for bodybuilders to develop gynaecomastia, is taking anabolic steroids. However, Stan had never taken any in his life and his gynaecomastia was all physiological.*

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Patient 3062: Revision of gynaecomastia operation done by another plastic surgeon

Patient 3062 Gynaecomastia

Mike went to see Dr Beldholm after having his original gynaecomastia operation performed by a plastic surgeon. His initial surgery was done in 2010. There were two main issues that he wanted to have fixed at that stage. His large areola and also the excess breast gland tissue. *

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Patient 3063: Small gland gynaecomastia case for a bodybuilder

Patient 3063 Gynaecomastia

Ryan was an avid bodybuilder. He had tried anabolic steroids for a short period of time fifteen years ago, and he had developed gynaecomastia shortly after. Even though he stopped taking the anabolic steroids, the gynaecomastia persisted.*

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Patient 3055: Puffy nipples after taking testosterone boosters

Patient 3055 Gynaecomastia

Brian suffered Gynaecomastia after he took Testosterone boosters at the Gym. He knew that there was a possibility to develop enlarged breasts after taking steroids, to counter that effect, he took anti-estrogen to balance it out.*

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