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Gynaecomastia surgery cost

The most common question that is asked by men considering Gynaecomastia is the gynaecomastia surgery cost. To give you a clear idea of what you can expect the cost to be, we have created this page to explain the cost in detail.

In Dr Beldholm’s experience the best results are achieved with VASER liposculpture and gland removal. Removing the gland only without liposuction is quick, however ,it can create issues such as the soucer deformity (see link here)

When you are looking at the cost you need to factor in;

  • Surgical fee
  • Hospital fee
  • Anaesthetist fee

On this page we will discuss what you can expect the cost to be if you have surgery with Dr Beldholm and also what you can expect the general costs of gynaecomastia surgery to be in Australia.

What is on this page about gynaecomastia surgery costs?

  • General overview of total cost of gynaecomastia surgery in australia
  • Medicare Item numbers and detailed explanation as to what health funds and Medicare cover
  • Dr Beldholm’s price list for Gynaecomastia surgery

Individual results vary*

What does a gynaecomastia operation cost in australia?

Averages are listed below:

  • Surgical fee which will vary from around $3000 to around $6000
  • Hospital charges that vary from $1600 to $4000
  • Anaesthetist charges that vary from $700 to $2000

If you have private health cover and this procedure is covered by your policy then the hospital charges and some of the Anaesthetist as well as surgical fees will be covered by your health fund.

Dr Beldholm’s Gynaecomastia surgery cost

This Procedure is performed in a Private Hospital under a general anaesthetic.

Available hospitals:

  • Maitland Private Hospital
  • Hunter Valley Private Hospital

There are 3 fees that you need to add together to get the total cost of this procedure. Some of these fees may be covered by your private health insurance.

  • Surgical fee
  • Hospital fee
  • Anaesthetic fee

Surgical Fee

  • Standard Gynaecomastia with Liposuction:- $4,990.00
  • Gynaecomastia with High definition VASER SCULPT:- $9,990.00

MBS item number:- 31525

Standard Gynaecomastia with Liposuction

For this approach I use VASER liposculpture. In my experience it is critical to use liposuction for gynaecomastia. Liposuction is used to feather in the periphery of the gland excision site. By performing liposuction prior to gland removal the gland is also much easier to remove and more defined. Note that this is different from the High definition option.

Premium Gynaecomastia with Hi- Def VASER SCULPT

This procedure uses special VASER high definition instruments. This procedure can also be combined with fat transfer to create even further definition to the pectoralis muscle, it is used like a “pec implant” bulking up the natural contour of the pectoralis muscle.

Three phase sculpting

  • The first phase is a general “debulking” of fat in the chest area. This removes fat, similar to the normal approach to liposuction to give some definition to the area.
  • The second phase focuses on more aggressive removal of fat from the lower edge of the pectoralis muscle and the lateral side (axillary area of the chest).
  • The third phase is scoring. This is when the true result of the high definition approach is created. The VASER probe is used to remove fat in the very superficial layer of the skin. Performing this step is not possible with traditional liposuction, and this is why VASER is essential in the high definition result.

The surgical fee includes

  • Surgical fee for Dr Beldholm
  • Compression garments (2)
  • All Post operative appointments
    • Day 1 and 10 -approximately
    • 1,3,6 and 12 months
  • LED light treatments (6) within the first two weeks following your procedure.

Private Hospital fee for gynaecomastia surgery

The hospital that you have selected will invoice you separately. We are happy to advise you of the likely costs once you have had your consultation and you will get a detailed invoice from the hospital as well.

If you have private health insurance then you may be able to claim a rebate, please check your policy details with your Insurer.

Private health funds do not cover the hi-definition option.

Hospitals charge on average $1200 to 1400 per operation hour. You will also need to pay a day stay fee.

Standard Gynaecomastia with Liposuction (1.5 hours): $2000 to $3000

Premium Gynaecomastia with High definition VASER SCULPT (3 hours): $3000 to $4000

Anaesthetist fees for gynaecomastia surgery

Your anaesthetist will invoice you separately.

Anaesthetist charge on average $600 to $700 per hour

Standard Gynaecomastia with Liposuction (1.5 hours):          $900 to $1050

Premium Gynaecomastia with High definition VASER SCULPT (3 hours):     $1800 to $2100

Health fund and Medicare and what they cover

The item number for Gynaecomastia is 31525. The description according to the MBS schedule is:

“BREAST, mastectomy for gynecomastia, with or without liposuction (suction assisted lipolysis)

Find out more about how health funds work and what your private insurance covers, press here.

Gynaecomastia surgery resources


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