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Labiaplasty surgery is not covered by a Medicare item number.

Our all inclusive package price is: $5990

What is included in this price?

  • Pre and post of care by our nurses and Dr Beldholm. Once you have had your initial consultation with Dr Beldholm then all subsequent visits are free of charge
  • Operation takes around 2 hours, if it goes longer you do not pay more.
  • Hospital charges
  • Anaesthetist charges
  • Surgeons fees
  • 6 LED light treatments with (Healite II LED) this helps any bruising or swelling after your procedure to get you back to your normal activities sooner.
  • Access to 24/7 emergency number after your procedure if you have any concerns.
  • Our diamond service commitment

As a woman ages, it is not uncommon for their labia minora to change shape, size or even colour due to having children, genetics or other life-altering events. This, unfortunately, can negatively affect a woman’s daily life and overall vaginal health.

Dr. Bernard Beldholm with Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, however, offers an amazing solution for women who are ready to improve their quality of life. For approximately the last decade, he has been performing labiaplasty, a life-changing surgery resulting in many happy patients.

This procedure is performed by surgically removing and reshaping the labia minora on the outside of the vagina. It can be done for a solely cosmetic reasons, to fix changes from trauma or childbirth, or for women who experience labia pain during sex, sports, tight clothing or other activities.

Why women turn to us:

At Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, most of our labiaplasty patients are through with having children. They request the surgery because their labia either hangs, or appears to be too long. Some patients complain of discomfort when wearing tight undergarments. Through surgery, these women seek:

  •        To eliminate chafing from underwear or tight-fitting clothing
  •        To stop chafing during physical activities, such as bicycle or horseback riding
  •        To stop embarrassment during physical contact with their partner
  •        To stop pain during sexual intercourse
  •        To increase the chance for orgasm (This can be difficult to achieve when the clitoris is obstructed by large labia folds)

Is labiaplasty right for you:

If you are over 18, in physical discomfort from enlarged or deformed labia minora, or are experiencing a severe loss of self-confidence from the shape of your labia, labiaplasty surgery may be a good option for you.

If you are smoker, you will be asked to quit smoking two weeks prior to surgery. You will also be asked to avoid aspirin and multivitamins prior to surgery. Failing to do so will increase the odds for complications–something we want to obviously avoid. That’s why you should sure you are open and honest with Dr. Beldholm about your health and medications you are taking.  

What to expect:

At Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, our dedicated surgeon, Dr. Bernard Beldholm is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in all of Australia. He along with the rest of the staff at our facility have each patient’s best interest at heart. We want you to leave our facility with not only a smile but also with the confidence in knowing that you’ve come to the right place for your procedure. When you choose us, here is what you can expect:

  •        A thorough consultation

During your initial consultation, you’ll meet one-on-one with Dr. Beldholm who’ll spend as much time with you as needed. You will never be rushed. We spend the necessary time to listen to you and tailor the surgery to suit your unique situation and features. After your initial consultation, you have the opportunity to see the surgeon as many times as you want at no additional cost.

  •        Guidance through the entire process

We know that your decision to undergo labiaplasty surgery is a major one. It’s not one that you’ve taken lightly. We understand you’ll have plenty of questions before and even after the procedure. That’s why your surgical journey will be guided by our patient coordinator. We are there for you every step of the way.

  •        Fast recovery post-surgery

We know that your time is also valuable. To promote faster recovery, Dr. Beldholm incorporates LED lighting. It’s perfect for patients who are concerned with finding time to fit cosmetic surgery into their busy lifestyles.

Why Choose Us:

Opting for labiaplasty is one of the biggest decisions a woman will make in her life. At the same time, it is also one of the most exciting. At Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, customer satisfaction is number one. When you choose us, this is what you get:

  •        Surgery conducted in a state-of-the-art medical facility

When patients choose us, they can rest easy knowing they are in good hands. 

  •        Surgery performed using the “trimming technique”

While there are several techniques that can be used to perform this surgery, we’ve found this method to be the most effective. It produces a superior result, and the clitoral hood can be easily trimmed using the de-epithelialisation technique.

  •        Ability to go back to work within 2-3 days

For many patients, bruising and swelling settles within one week after having the procedure completed. Most patients are able to go back to fully exercising four weeks after the surgery.

  •        Reliable customer service

Once you go home from your surgery, we want you to know that we’re here for you during your road to recovery. Should you have any questions or issues after surgery, you can access us through our emergency number. We are available 24/7.

  •        Competitive rates

At Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, we offer one flat fee that includes: anesthesia, hospital stay, surgeon fees, etc. We also offer convenient financing to patients who qualify. In some cases, your health insurance may cover the costs of the surgery as well as hospital stay.



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