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Enlarged labia in women can cause discomfort, pain and can be cosmetically displeasing to some women. There are two groups of women who come to Dr Beldholm to get labiaplasty performed.

  • Women that don’t like the look of their labia minora
  • Women that are having discomfort and pain from an enlarged labia minora

“An embarrassing problem but a real one… My labia are chafing and causing me pain!”

Labia minora in women come in all shapes and sizes, it means that some women will have very large labia, while some may have hardly any at all.

If you fall into the first group and your labia are causing you issues like chafing and discomfort during exercise, slipping out of your underwear, and getting in the way of sexual activities, then vaginal cosmetic surgery, or labiaplasty, may be an option.

“I want to feel more confident when my clothes are off”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your body more beautiful. Each of us have different complaints – “My nose is too crooked”, “My bum is too flat”, and yes, “My labia are too weird”.

While labia come in all shapes and sizes, if you feel uncomfortable about the way that yours look, then labiaplasty might just be the vaginal cosmetic surgery for you.


Labiaplasty - female genital cosmetic surgery

Labiaplasty is designed to reshape your labia – your inner vaginal lips. Some women feel that their labia are too large, too asymmetrical, too folded, or too discoloured. If you have issues with the appearance of your labia, then labiaplasty can help.


The female genital cosmetic surgery is one of a range of procedures that is becoming a more popular cosmetic surgery for women.


The procedure trims the labia as well as the clitoral hood if necessary to bring it all closer to the body and make it appear neater.


Smaller labia can help you to live without pain and discomfort – no matter what activity you’re doing!

Why should you come to us for your labiaplasty?

At Specialist Cosmetic Surgery it is our greatest achievement to have each and every woman come back for their post-op appointment with a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye.

Dr. Beldholm takes great pride in helping women to obtain their best bodies, and has been performing labiaplasty surgery on clients for the past 10 years with excellent results.


What other reasons should you come to us?

  • Healing from labiaplasty is fast – you can go home after the procedure, be back at work 2-3 days later, and back to full exercise after 4 weeks
  • Instead of stitches, dissolvable sutures are used so there is no painful stitches to remove at your post op appointment
  • How much does labiaplasty cost? With our all in one price you’re covered for all your appointments, surgical and hospital costs, LED light therapy for faster healing, plus more
  • Dr Beldholm has performed the full range of labiaplasty techniques, from the wedge excision techniques to the de-epithelialization technique, so he will know what is best for your situation. He currently favours the trimming technique as this produces a superior result and the cliteral hood can be trimmed using the de-epithelialisation technique.
  • The surgery involves using absorbable sutures that will not need to be removed
  • There are minimal complication rates for labiaplasty
  • You have access to a 24 hour hotline for any concerns you have following your surgery

Is labiaplasty surgery right for you?

If you are over 18, in physical discomfort from enlarged or deformed labia minora, or are experiencing a serious loss of self-confidence from the shape of your labia, surgery may be a good option for you.


Labiaplasty surgery can help you feel more comfortable about your appearance and potentially enhance sexual pleasure.


The procedure reduces the size and prominence of the labia minora, which may protrude beyond the outer lips (the labia majora), either from birth or as a result of childbirth or aging.


Labiaplasty generally results in improved comfort and less irritation or pinching when you are wearing tight clothing; correction of tears or deformities caused by childbirth; potential relief of pain and difficulty achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse (such as when the clitoris is obstructed by large labial folds); less irritation during physical activity; and improved symmetry between your right and left labia minora.

Post surgery recovery times

Recovery times from labiaplasty surgery will vary from individual to individual and depend on the exact nature of your procedure.


With General anaesthetic you can usually return home on the day of your surgery, following a post-operative check by Dr. Beldholm.


Complications, scarring and recovery times are all reduced by the advanced surgical methods used, and the stitches inserted during surgery are dissolvable.


You can usually return to non-manual work 4-6 days after surgery. Healing is usually complete by four weeks, when normal sexual activity and more rigorous manual work can be resumed.


Labiaplasty is generally a safe operation, however complications can happen.


Specific complications relating to labiaplasty surgery may include:


  • Excessive bleeding or bruising.
  • Infections – the infection rate for labiaplasty surgery is about 1%.
  • Breakdown of the wound, requiring a prolonged period to heal.
  • Due to the location of this operation, it is possible for urinary infections to occur.
  • With labiaplasty there is always a possibility of sensory changes in the vagina, chronic pain or other conditions developing that may worsen your sexual function.

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